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2023-05-18Small rewording in latest retrospectiveThomas Letan
2023-05-18New what happened blogpostThomas Letan
2023-05-13Antidote to the rescueThomas Letan
2023-05-13The great rewrite of 2023Thomas Letan
2023-05-04Integrate the neovim/lsp post to the Misc seriesThomas Letan
2023-05-02List the latest blogpost about neovim config tricksThomas Letan
2023-05-02Simplify code snippetThomas Letan
2023-05-01Blogpost and OCaml, tree-sitter and LSP in neovimThomas Letan
2023-04-29Use latest coqffi release (beta8)Thomas Letan
2023-04-29Mention Tufte CSSThomas Letan
2022-10-23Website reorgThomas Letan
2022-08-14Fix the layout of the project with the new generation setupThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix two types reported by Wojciech KarpielThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix the link in the coqffi tutorial by adding a new class of urlThomas Letan
2022-08-12Rework the article to be more straightforwardThomas Letan
2022-08-07Add a new post about rank-n types in OCamlThomas Letan
2021-08-20Fix a Coq warningThomas Letan
2021-08-20Improve the graph of dependencies of the Echo serverThomas Letan
2021-08-20Update various dependencies used by this websiteThomas Letan
2021-03-28Fix soupault websiteThomas Letan
2021-03-282021 Spring redesignThomas Letan
2021-02-24Release of coqffi 1.0.0~beta4Thomas Letan
2021-01-24Prepare coqffi.1.0.0~beta3 releaseThomas Letan
2020-12-13Advertise the use of cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-12-13Spectral is the new main font of this websiteThomas Letan
2020-12-10Spellchecking and revisions table for the coqffi articlesThomas Letan
2020-12-10Add a Series on coqffi, and the first literate program of this blogThomas Letan
2020-12-08Advertise the version of compcert used to build this articleThomas Letan
2020-12-08Update to CompCert 3.8Thomas Letan
2020-10-30Reword the titles of the “Strongly-Specified Functions”’s articlesThomas Letan
2020-10-10Create a summary page for the strongly-specified functions seriesThomas Letan
2020-08-30Introducing the Opinions pageThomas Letan
2020-08-28Heavy reworking of the Ltac seriesThomas Letan
2020-08-27Simplify the themeThomas Letan
2020-07-31Make the two articles about Ltac refer to each otherThomas Letan
2020-07-31“For Fun and Benefit” was not an idiomatic expressionThomas Letan
2020-07-26Initial publicationThomas Letan
2020-07-21Remove half-deleted sentenceThomas Letan
2020-07-14Prepare the introduction of a RSS feedThomas Letan
2020-07-12More spellchecking and typosThomas Letan
2020-07-12Invert the table of contents and the revision tablesThomas Letan
2020-07-12Add missing revisions tablesThomas Letan
2020-07-12SpellcheckingThomas Letan
2020-07-12New article on Algebraic DatatypesThomas Letan
2020-07-12Various fixes here and thereThomas Letan
2020-04-02Refactor the build process to use cleopatra the SecondThomas Letan
2020-03-20Remove the “About” page and use the “Write-up” page as default indexThomas Letan
2020-03-20Add a new post about Clight and its semanticsThomas Letan
2020-03-19Use inline mathematics to display KaTeXThomas Letan
2020-02-29Continue the Series on cleopatraThomas Letan