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2022-08-15Let’s have a monthly retrospective for onceHEADmainThomas Letan
2022-08-14Fix the layout of the project with the new generation setupThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix two types reported by Wojciech KarpielThomas Letan
2022-08-13Hide cleapatra series for nowThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix the link in the coqffi tutorial by adding a new class of urlThomas Letan
2022-08-13Typo ):Thomas Letan
2022-08-13Add a toc in the indexThomas Letan
2022-08-13Goodbye, cleopatraThomas Letan
As it is, it is just too slow. Plus, the literate program that was my toolchain is actually not documented, so it makes no sense. I’m sad, though.
2022-08-13Some minor CSS tweakThomas Letan
2022-08-12Propose to send an email in every pageThomas Letan
2022-08-12Rework the article to be more straightforwardThomas Letan
2022-08-08More blackThomas Letan
2022-08-07Source moved from labs. to src.soap.coffeeThomas Letan
2022-08-07Bump soupault to 4.0.1Thomas Letan
2022-08-07Fix buggy margin notesThomas Letan
2022-08-07Add an avatar to greet readersThomas Letan
2022-08-07Add a new post about rank-n types in OCamlThomas Letan
2022-01-16Fix stacked git summaryThomas Letan
2022-01-16Stacked Git is coolThomas Letan
2022-01-16Use sans-serif fontThomas Letan
2021-09-04Refine one more time the widths of the layout componentsThomas Letan
2021-08-29Increase the size of the nav containersThomas Letan
2021-08-29Add a margin note at the beginning of the Monad transformers articleThomas Letan
2021-08-29Put the margin note on the left and center the textThomas Letan
2021-08-20Fix a Coq warningThomas Letan
2021-08-20Advertise the release of coqffi beta 6 and 7Thomas Letan
2021-08-20Improve the graph of dependencies of the Echo serverThomas Letan
2021-08-20The repository has movedThomas Letan
2021-08-20Use a darker color for linksThomas Letan
2021-08-20Update various dependencies used by this websiteThomas Letan
2021-03-28Adapt the keyr stats to the redesignThomas Letan
2021-03-28Use the built-in plugin to insert the “Table of Contents” titleThomas Letan
Thanks @dmbaturin for pointing this out!
2021-03-28Fix soupault websiteThomas Letan
2021-03-282021 Spring redesignThomas Letan
2021-02-24Release of coqffi 1.0.0~beta4Thomas Letan
2021-01-30Add some news about January, 2021Thomas Letan
2021-01-24Prepare coqffi.1.0.0~beta3 releaseThomas Letan
2021-01-24No more syntax highlightingThomas Letan
2021-01-16Tweak marginsThomas Letan
2020-12-29Let people use the font of their likingThomas Letan
2020-12-20Provide some insight on how literate programming projects are builtThomas Letan
2020-12-16Mention coqffi.devThomas Letan
2020-12-16FreeSpec has been published to OpamThomas Letan
2020-12-14Fine-grained dependency for literate programming build processThomas Letan
2020-12-14Do not output when tangling coqffi tutorialThomas Letan
2020-12-14Avoid to display too much noweb variablesThomas Letan
2020-12-14Massive performance improvement for `'Thomas Letan
Before: soupault 14.83s user 1.36s system 105% cpu 15.374 total After: soupault 3.37s user 0.77s system 106% cpu 3.871 total
2020-12-13Advertise the use of cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-12-13Spectral is the new main font of this websiteThomas Letan
2020-12-12Color tweakingThomas Letan