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mainLet’s have a monthly retrospective for onceThomas Letan7 weeks
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2022-08-15Let’s have a monthly retrospective for onceHEADmainThomas Letan
2022-08-14Fix the layout of the project with the new generation setupThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix two types reported by Wojciech KarpielThomas Letan
2022-08-13Hide cleapatra series for nowThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix the link in the coqffi tutorial by adding a new class of urlThomas Letan
2022-08-13Further tweaks in the toolchainThomas Letan
2022-08-13Some tweaks to the toolchainThomas Letan
2022-08-13Provide a script to capture output of commands into files in 'logs/'Thomas Letan
2022-08-13Use emacs --daemon to speed things upThomas Letan
2022-08-13Typo ):Thomas Letan