AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-20More runsHEADmainThomas Letan
2023-05-20Support Twitter cards and potentially moreThomas Letan
2023-05-18Small rewording in latest retrospectiveThomas Letan
2023-05-18Various tweaks to improve the websiteThomas Letan
2023-05-18Add the running pluginThomas Letan
2023-05-18Add a clean rule to makeThomas Letan
2023-05-18A funny page to track my running sessionsThomas Letan
2023-05-18New what happened blogpostThomas Letan
2023-05-13Ignore highlighting themeThomas Letan
2023-05-13Antidote to the rescueThomas Letan
2023-05-13A favicon finally!Thomas Letan
2023-05-13RSS feed finally!Thomas Letan
2023-05-13Switch to googlecode themeThomas Letan
2023-05-13The great rewrite of 2023Thomas Letan
2023-05-04Integrate the neovim/lsp post to the Misc seriesThomas Letan
2023-05-02List the latest blogpost about neovim config tricksThomas Letan
2023-05-02Simplify code snippetThomas Letan
2023-05-01Blogpost and OCaml, tree-sitter and LSP in neovimThomas Letan
2023-04-30Let’s celebre the release of Spatial Shell 1Thomas Letan
2023-04-29Enable soupault cachingThomas Letan
2023-04-29Use latest coqffi release (beta8)Thomas Letan
2023-04-29Mention Tufte CSSThomas Letan
2023-04-28Advertize Spatial Shell’s call for testers in index.orgThomas Letan
2023-04-28Fix the suggested sway config to actually start waybarThomas Letan
2023-04-28Fix typo in env variable nameThomas Letan
2023-04-27Remove duplicated catch phraseThomas Letan
2023-04-27Rewording and improvementsThomas Letan
2023-04-27Do not install GHC to build this blogThomas Letan
2023-04-27Spatial Shell Call for TestersThomas Letan
2023-04-27Bump duneThomas Letan
2023-04-27Fix pretty-print invocationThomas Letan
2023-01-26Alt description for the avatarThomas Letan
2023-01-26Update minifyThomas Letan
2023-01-26KaTeX update and fixThomas Letan
2023-01-26Inter is nice thoughThomas Letan
2023-01-26Stacked Git patch theory new blogpostThomas Letan
2023-01-16Rewording and proofreadingThomas Letan
2023-01-16Roboto is nice, so let's use it if user has it installedThomas Letan
2023-01-16Reword excerpt for first article on Stacked GitThomas Letan
2023-01-16Second article on Stacked GitThomas Letan
2023-01-14Update avatarThomas Letan
2023-01-14Move side and margin notes aroundThomas Letan
2022-11-19Monthly retrospective: October and November 2022Thomas Letan
2022-11-19Update soupault, crunch png, update avatarThomas Letan
2022-10-23Website reorgThomas Letan
2022-09-10Refine the theme to be more readableThomas Letan
2022-08-21spatial-sway is a thing nowThomas Letan
2022-08-15Let’s have a monthly retrospective for onceThomas Letan
2022-08-14Fix the layout of the project with the new generation setupThomas Letan
2022-08-13Fix two types reported by Wojciech KarpielThomas Letan