AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-03release: lkn_core 0.4.3HEADmainThomas Letan
2018-05-03chore: Fix a warning due to a trailing comma in a macroThomas Letan
2018-05-03deps: Bump several development dependenciesThomas Letan
2018-05-01feature: Use Instance as proxy for reaching SystemsThomas Letan
2018-03-08release: lkn_core 0.4.2Thomas Letan
2018-03-08refactor: Rely on the Instance to notify puppeteersThomas Letan
2018-03-07refactor: Simply the key for instance' notify groupThomas Letan
2018-01-24chore: Setting up travais yet another timeThomas Letan
2018-01-24release: lkn_core 0.4.1lthms
2018-01-24release: lkn_core 0.4.0lthms
2018-01-24systems: Allow to inject per-system options when registering a puppetlthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: Rename the `key` argument of cast/call into `puppeteer_key`lthms
2018-01-24puppeteer, system: Introduce cast_return and call_returnlthms
2018-01-24fix: (Un)registering puppets blocks to avoid range race conditionslthms
2018-01-24release: lkn_core 0.3.0lthms
2018-01-24chore: Hide the default :module key of entities which is internallthms
2018-01-24chore: Hide the specs/0 function which is totally internallthms
2018-01-24docs: Hide the Components private Statelthms
2018-01-24pool: Killing an instance caused its pool to crashlthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: The digests now contain the entities keylthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: Puppeteers now get digests from Instance they register tolthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: Add stop/2 and stop/1 to kill a given Puppeteerlthms
2018-01-24instance: Keep track of the currently registered puppetslthms
2018-01-24chore: Document the new Entity breaking changeslthms
2018-01-24release: lkn-core-0.2.0lthms
2018-01-24entity: Add stop/1 and stop/2 to kill an entity in a clean waylthms
2018-01-24docs: Simplify the ChangeLog and make it part of the documentationlthms
2018-01-24chore: Add a ChangeLoglthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: Notify the puppeteers when puppets enter or leave instanceslthms
2018-01-24chore: Add one last missing license headerlthms
2018-01-24deps: Remove distillery as lkn-core is a librarylthms
2018-01-24license: Add some missing license headerlthms
2018-01-24chore: Fix READMEslthms
2018-01-24chore: lkn is using pijul and only pijullthms
2018-01-24chore: Document the Puppet modulelthms
2018-01-24chore: Document the Map modulelthms
2018-01-24chore: Document the Pool modulelthms
2018-01-24chore: Document the Instance modulelthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: Allow a Puppeteer impl to expose its own cast functionslthms
2018-01-24instance: Remove some private functions of Instancelthms
2018-01-24deps: Update dependencies to latestlthms
2018-01-24chore: write a minimalist plain text READMElthms
2018-01-24chore: Add some documentation for the Component modulelthms
2018-01-24chore: Add some documentation to the Entity modulelthms
2018-01-24chore: Add the documentation for the System modulelthms
2018-01-24system: Add a new macro to easily define new Systemslthms
2018-01-24chore: Fix the key type of Specs cast/call callbackslthms
2018-01-24puppeteer: Add the macro defpuppeteer to specify a Puppeteer interfacelthms
2018-01-24entity: Simplify the implementation of both Puppet and Maplthms
2018-01-24chore: Generalize the specs parsinglthms