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Provide some insight on how literate programming projects are built
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<h1>Literate Programming Projects</h1>
+Literate programming is an interesting exercice. It forces programmers
+to think about how to present their code for other people to
+understand it. It poses several significant challenges, in particular
+in terms of code refactoring. If a given piece of code is too much
+entangled with proses explaining it, rewriting it becomes cumbersome.
+That being said, literate programming is particularly well-suited for
+blog posts, since at the very least it provides the tool to enforce
+the code presented to readers is correct.
+We use Emacs and ~org-mode~ to tangle the literate programming
+projects present in the ~posts/~ directory of this website. This is
+done with the following emacs lisp script.
+#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle export-lp.el
+(cleopatra:configure) ; opinionated configuration provided by cleopatra
+ 'org-babel-load-languages
+ '((shell . t))) ; allow the execution of shell block code
+ ;; scan the posts/ directory and tangled it into lp/
+(setq org-publish-project-alist
+ '(("lp"
+ :base-directory "site/posts"
+ :publishing-directory "lp"
+ :recursive t
+ :publishing-function cleopatra:tangle-publish)))
+Tangling literate programming is done in the =prebuild= phase of
#+BEGIN_SRC makefile :tangle
literate-programming-prebuild :
@cleopatra echo "Tangling" "literate programming project"
@cleopatra exec -- cleopatra-run-elisp export-lp.el \
>> build.log 2>&1
+ARTIFACTS += lp/ site/posts/deps.svg
+In the =build= phase, we actually try to compile the tangled projects.
+As of now, there is only one literate program: [[../posts/][the Echo server
+implemented in Coq]] which demonstrates how ~coqffi~ can be used to
+implement realistic software projects.
+#+BEGIN_SRC makefile :tangle
COQFFI_ARCHIVE := site/files/coqffi-tutorial.tar.gz
coqffi-tutorial-build : literate-programming-prebuild
@@ -15,28 +59,11 @@ coqffi-tutorial-build : literate-programming-prebuild
@cd lp/coqffi-tutorial; dune build --display quiet
@cleopatra echo "Archiving" "coqffi tutorial"
- @tar --exclude="_build" -C lp/ -czvf ${COQFFI_ARCHIVE} coqffi-tutorial >> build.log
+ @tar --exclude="_build" -C lp/ -czvf ${COQFFI_ARCHIVE} coqffi-tutorial \
+ 2>&1 >> build.log
site/posts/CoqffiEcho.html : coqffi-tutorial-build
literate-programming-build : coqffi-tutorial-build
-ARTIFACTS += lp/ ${COQFFI_ARCHIVE} site/posts/deps.svg
-#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle export-lp.el
- 'org-babel-load-languages
- '((shell . t)))
-(setq org-publish-project-alist
- '(("lp"
- :base-directory "site/posts"
- :publishing-directory "lp"
- :recursive t
- :publishing-function cleopatra:tangle-publish)))