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2020-02-20Adopt a literate programming for `main.sass'Thomas Letan
2020-02-19Always use variables for colors in main.sassThomas Letan
2020-02-19Various improvement in the content generation processThomas Letan
2020-02-17Add a minor styling for inline mathsThomas Letan
2020-02-17Remove ugly border around my avatarThomas Letan
2020-02-16Automatically generate a revision table from git historyThomas Letan
2020-02-16Add a dedicated icon for GitHub linksThomas Letan
2020-02-15Mark external links with a dedicated iconThomas Letan
2020-02-15Add missing fonts and rename the pluginThomas Letan
2020-02-15Use a light themeThomas Letan
2020-02-15Make the website 3rd-party free and improve loading performanceThomas Letan