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This is the first article (initially published on #<span
class="time">January 11, 2015</span>#) of a series of two on how to write
strongly-specified functions in Coq. You can read the next part #<a
- href="/posts/StronglySpecifiedFunctionsProgram">here</a>#. *)
+ href="./StronglySpecifiedFunctionsProgram.html">here</a>#. *)
(** I started to play with Coq, the interactive theorem prover
developed by Inria, a few weeks ago. It is a very powerful tool,
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This is the second article (initially published on #<span
class="time">January 01, 2017</span>#) of a series of two on how to write
strongly-specified functions in Coq. You can read the previous part #<a
- href="/posts/StronglySpecifiedFunctions">here</a>#. # *)
+ href="./StronglySpecifiedFunctions.html">here</a>#. # *)
(** #<div id="generate-toc"></div>#
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+#+OPTIONS: toc:nil num:nil
+<article class="index">
+Over the past years, I have tried to capitalize on my findings. What I have
+lacked in regularity I made up for in subject exoticism.
+If you like what you read, have a question or for any other reasons really, you
+can shoot an email to [[mailto:~lthms/][the dedicated mailing list]] (see the [[][annoucement]] for a
+guide on how to subscribe).
+* About Coq
+Coq is a formal proof management system which provides a pure functional
+language with nice dependent types together with an environment for writing
+machine-checked proofs.
+- [[./MiniHTTPServer.html][Implementing and Certifying a Web Server in Coq]] ::
+ An explanation on how to write an almost pure Coq, and working (albeit
+ minimal) HTTP server.
+- [[./Ltac101.html][Ltac 101]] ::
+ Ltac is the “tactic language” of Coq. It allows for writing proof scripts
+ which construct proof terms later checked by Coq.
+- [[./RewritingInCoq.html][Rewriting in Coq]] ::
+ The ~rewrite~ tactics are really useful, since they are not limited to the Coq
+ built-in equality relation.
+- A Series on Strongly-Specified Funcions in Coq ::
+ Coq ~Prop~ sort allows for defining properties function arguments have to
+ satisfy, such that using such a function requires providing a proof the
+ property is satisfied.
+ 1. [[./StronglySpecifiedFunctions.html][Using the ~refine~ Tactics]]
+ 2. [[./StronglySpecifiedFunctionsProgram.html][Using the ~Program~ Framework]]
+* About Haskell
+Haskell is a pure, lazy, functional programming language with a very expressive
+type system.
+- [[./ExtensibleTypeSafeErrorHandling.html][Extensible, Type-Safe Error Handling In Haskell]] ::
+ Ever heard of “extensible effects?” By applying the same principle, but for
+ error handling, the result is nice, type-safe API for Haskell, with a lot of
+ GHC magic under the hood.
+- [[/posts/MonadTransformers/][Monad Transformers are a Great Abstraction]] ::
+ Monads are hard to get right, monad transformers are harder. Yet, they remain
+ a very powerful abstraction.
+* About Common Lisp
+Common Lisp is a venerable programming languages like no other I know.
+- [[./DiscoveringCommonLisp.html][Discovering Common Lisp with ~trivial-gamekit~]] ::
+ From the creation of a Lisp package up to the creation of a standalone
+ executable.
+* About this website
+One of my goal with this website is for it to /feel/ simple, but the truth is
+under the hood it is generated from a bunch of files using a not-that-simple
+- [[./meta.html][A Series on Generating this Static Website]] ::
+ The toolchain behind the generation of this website ---called *~cleopatra~*---
+ is a literate programming document which build itself in addition to the HTML
+ files composing this corner of the Internet.
+ 1. [[./meta/Bootstrap.html][Bootstrapping an Extensible Toolchain]]
+ 2. [[./meta/Contents.html][Authoring Contents and HTML Generation ~(WIP)~]]
+ 3. [[./meta/Soupault.html][Configuring ~soupault~ ~(WIP)~]]
+ 4. [[./meta/Theme.html][Theming and Templating ~(WIP)~]]
+- [[./Thanks.html][Thanks!]] ::
+ If it were not for many awesome FOSS projects, this corner of the Internet
+ would not exists. This is my attempt to give well-deserved credit to them and
+ their creators.
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@@ -90,8 +90,8 @@ their output files (using ~+=~).
List *~cleopatra~* Makefiles and scripts tangled throughout the generation
process (with the notable exception of ~Makefile~ itself).
- ~GENSASS~ ::
- List auxiliary ~sass~ files which can be imported by the main ~sass~ files
- (see [[/posts/meta/Theme/][“Theming and Templating”]]).
+ List auxiliary ~sass~ files which can later be imported by the main ~sass~
+ files (see [[./][“Theming and Templating”]]).
List generated files which are part of the target website, and acts as inputs
for ~soupault~.
@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ can insert the result of the evaluation of =extends= inside another source block
when the latter is tangled.
The twist is, we derive the rule to tangle using
-~<<extends>>~. The syntax is the following:
+=extends=. The syntax is the following:
#+BEGIN_SRC verbatim
<<extends(IN="", MK="", GF="scripts/")>>
@@ -220,7 +220,7 @@ previous source block.
<<extends(IN="", MK="", GF="scripts/")>>
-Beware that, as a consequence, modifying code block of ~<<extends>>~ is as
+Beware that, as a consequence, modifying code block of =extends= is as
“dangerous” as modifying ~Makefile~ itself. Keep that in mind if you start
hacking *~cleopatra~*!
@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ modify accordingly.
* Generation Processes
-Thanks to ~<<extends>>~, *~cleopatra~* is easily extensible. In this section, we
+Thanks to =extends=, *~cleopatra~* is easily extensible. In this section, we
enumerate the generation processes that are currently used to generate the
website you are reading.
@@ -247,16 +247,16 @@ In the present website, contents can be written in the following format:
- Regular Coq files ::
Coq is a system which allows to write machine-checked proofs, and it comes
with a source “prettifier” called ~coqdoc~.
- [[/posts/meta/Contents/Coq/][Learn more about the generation process for Coq files​]]
+ [[./Contents/][Learn more about the generation process for Coq files​]]
- Org documents ::
Emacs comes with a powerful editing mode called [[][Org mode]], and Org documents
are really pleasant to work with.
- [[/posts/meta/Contents/Org/][Learn more about the generation process for Org documents]]
+ [[./Contents/][Learn more about the generation process for Org documents]]
If you want *~cleopatra~* to support more input formats, you have to
1. Create a org file which, once tangled, provide a dedicated makefile
-2. Edit this file ( here, and use ~<<extends>>~ to make sure it
+2. Edit this file ( here, and use =extends= to make sure it
is actually tangled when necessary
#+BEGIN_SRC makefile :tangle :noweb tangle :exports none
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--- a/site/posts/meta/
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
default_template = "templates/main.html"
content_selector = "main"
doctype = "<!DOCTYPE html>"
- clean_urls = true
+ clean_urls = false
widget = "title"
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@@ -17,19 +17,19 @@ my contents. Did you know that Cleopatra was a reputed polyglot (at least
according to [[][Wikipedia France]])?
-<div id="history">site/posts/</div>
+<div id="history">site/posts/meta/</div>
<article class="index">
*Beware* this series is far from being complete.
-- [[/posts/meta/Bootstrap][Bootstrapping an Extensible Toolchain ~(WIP)~]] ::
+- [[./][Bootstrapping an Extensible Toolchain]] ::
-- [[/posts/meta/Contents][Authoring Content and HTML Generation ~(WIP)~]] ::
+- [[./][Authoring Content and HTML Generation ~(WIP)~]] ::
-- [[/posts/meta/Theme][Theming and Templating ~(WIP)~]] ::
+- [[./][Soupault Configuration ~(WIP)~]] ::
-- [[/posts/meta/Soupault/][Soupault Configuration ~(WIP)~]] ::
+- [[./][Theming and Templating ~(WIP)~]] ::